Resin Flooring
We are a leading industrial and commercial flooring contractor. Specialists in repairing and refurbishing flooring. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Ranging from hardy sealant coatings
Howkel Carpets
Made in our local Huddersfield factory and coming to your place with quality and durability guarantee, the wool carpets we design, create and offer to you are your amazing opportunity to enjoy real
Style Flooring Of York
Carpets or hard flooring, we have them all opportunities for you to enjoy a quality, appearing and highly durable floor coverings and solutions! As a small, family-run business we focus on quality,
Contract Flooring Solutions
With over 35 years of experience and a wide network of commercial clients that give us 100% positive feedback, we are proud to have the reputation of extremely reliable, trustworthy and professional
Scarborough Flooring & Interiors
We have them all – great reputation, prestigious name and close relationships with leading flooring brands and manufacturers. But what makes us happier and more pride than ever is the fact that we
Brian Plant Carpet & Flooring
Our team includes professional carpet and flooring fitters with years of experience, a lot of knowledge accumulated, friendly and skilled, talented and creative, helpful and supportive. Because when
Working close with flooring designers and manufacturers, who are recognized as the world’s best in the international branch and industry, we are more than happy to be able to put together and gather
Hull Flooring
We have the passion for finding the best flooring options to deliver you with and the close relationships with most of the top manufacturers and flooring brands on the international market. At our
Colmans Carpets & Curtains
Ever-lasting relationships with our domestic and commercial clients in Scarborough and the area, tailored services, pre- and after-service help and support, professionalism, quality goods and a depth
Wilsons Carpets
Carpets, rugs, laminate and vinyl flooring at the lowest prices and highest quality – here you can find them with our help, simply browse the selection we have made for you amongst the world’s top
4D Contract Flooring
With many offices in the main UK areas including London, Leeds and West Yorkshire, we are always on hand and close enough to you to plan and design together the flooring you have craved after for such
Naturally Oak Flooring
Are you looking for the opposite to cheap, mainstream oak wood flooring? Then polish oak flooring is just right up your alley. Sourced deep in the heart of the polish forests, where the most beautiful
NJL FLooring Services
Whatever your personal style and taste, we will help you find and have installed the flooring option that will compliment and accentuate the beauty of your home, or workplace and fit your lifestyle
Newman & Gray
Here is the land of engineered wood flooring, because we have them all and we can offer them all to you! Get really creative and really inspired, unleash your imagination to the max and get the
Floor Tech
Looking for a solution to your hard wood flooring and rugs search in Filey? We are your solution and best opportunity to purchase on lowest price and enjoy the flooring you have always wanted! We have
Harman Carpets & Flooring
We know the secret formula of the fantastic floor and we are about to reveal it to you, just you! The key is finding the balance and here we have it – quality products, professionalism, reliability
Floors & Snores
At our company, each member of it recognises the value of reliability, quality and professionalism and we make sure that everything we do and offer to our domestic and commercial clients reflects the
We can boldly be called pioneers in the flooring branch, since our company was established 30 years ago. For such a long period of time and thanks to our work with different clients and a variety of
JW Flooring
The journey of our small flooring company starts 25 years ago, when two experienced and very talented people start working in the branch in order to improve it and make quality, beautiful and durable
Stuart Aston Carpets
We are a leading contractor in the carpet flooring sector in South Yorkshire. As main responsibilities and values of our company we recognise loyalty, reliability, professionalism, great customer