Wood Floors 4U

Woodfloors4u have been around for over ten years in our industry and provided flooring to an enormous network of clients, including A-list celebrities from the boxer Amir Khan to high end hotel groups from the UK and overseas not forgetting to the home owner who is just as important to us.

Our custom wood floors come in a wide range of different wood species, rich colours, stains, finishes, and character floors such as our hand scraped or vintage range of floors and not forgetting our reclaimed range which brings us back to recycling products from our past. We have all that you need to transform a house into your home delivering you the best quality available for your money.

Woodfloors4u is committed to a "greener" world in offering wood floor collections that are FSC Certified and sourced from reputable Mills. We highly recommend that our clients use non exotic wood species, which are all harvested from rain forests hence why Woodfloors4u has declined to offer such woods which our being sourced from such areas that are threatening the habitat that has lived there for way longer than us humans. All our flooring is packaged from recycled materials, in order to be a greener operation all round and we always ask as customers to think of the environment and please do try to recycle left over material and dispose of packaging to recycling plant or bins.