Wilkinson Decorators

From stately homes to hotels, business centres to individual offices, private houses to guesthouses, our decorating and repair care services are personal, bespoke and carry the hallmark of distinction. Wilkinson Decorators has a highly skilled workforce where the best is standard and the results speak for themselves. Wilkinson Decorators are a highly skilled small team. There are many reasons you can rely on us. Andrew and his team are skilled sanders and now can boast just the minimum of disruption with their new 95% dust free sanders.

Well looked after hardwood floors are known to add value to a property, but it is a little know fact that they can thrive after hundreds of years. Once the floor has been revived with sanding and lacquering or varnishing it will be a durable and easy to clean floor surface. This also makes it a very hygienic option, and one which is favoured by families with children with allergies. So apart from impressing the estate agent, having those floorboards sanded will add warmth to a room and will give a sense of authenticity to your home.