The Best Floor Sanding

Our continuing success is because we always put our customers first, by giving our valued customers top quality work, approved ongoing training for our staff and keeping in touch with the latest floor machines and techniques. Many years of research in finishing methods has brought the .The Best Floor Sanding Company' to the highest level of quality it is at today.

Over the years we have been called in to lots of jobs that have been poorly done. Many, many times heartbroken clients have just had a terrible job done by someone “having a go”.

Perhaps they got a carpenter to fit out their house and then decided to get them to do the floor as well, with disastrous results. The carpenter perhaps using dodgy hire equipment and then applying poorly understood finishes will always produce a badly finished floor, anyone doing the sanding work as a sideline to their main trade cannot match the standards of 'The Best Floor Sanding Company', time and time again we get called out to put these mistakes right.