Square One

At SquareOne, quality is an obsession, an obsession born out of our commitment to providing our clients with not only first rate quality of product, but service too. Our multi-disciplined team offer pragmatic and creative solutions to your carpet needs, tailored to provide a best value, cost effective answer that meets the performance criteria and the design brief, on budget and on time.

We are mindful of the complexities of today’s commercial needs in terms of fast-track fit out, office moves and development of commercial business space and through that awareness and understanding of our client’s needs we are able to respond and provide workable solutions that dovetail with your construction programme.

Carpet specification is very much a fine balance of engineering performance characteristics with colour, texture and overall design compatibility. In essence, “form follows function” and we work towards providing the property industry with innovative product with the right specification and design properties that have a synergy with their needs.