Simply Floor Sanding

We don’t use the outdated drum sanders that are still favoured by some companies. We operate continuous belt machinery that is virtually dust-free. Some dust is inevitable, but we minimise this by masking/screening and frequent vacuuming. We also use edging sanders and fine tools to get right into the corners for complete and even sanding.

After sanding we apply three coats of a wooden floor seal to protect the wooden floor. This is done, again with a specialist tool to achieve a clean, perfect, finish. At this point we don’t advise for any furniture to be placed upon the floor until 24hrs after the last coat of wooden floor seal has been applied. Curing of the wooden floor seal is very important, as we only use water based seal the drying time is dependent upon the humidity of the room. Using a water based seal is better as it doesn’t give off noxious smells or discolour with time.