Selby Carpets

We deal with all the major flooring manufacturers so we know exactly what they sell. That means we are able to help you pick the most suitable surface for your property. We deal with customers and buildings of all shapes and sizes. During the lifetime in the business, there is hardly a floor type we haven’t covered!

Our customers include hotels, restaurants, schools, charities and just about every type of business imaginable. We work closely too with architects, designers and facility management companies. We are also independent assessors for the insurance industry. This requires us to use our expertise in new flooring and the restoration of damaged flooring.

Part of our success lies with our dedicated and experienced fitting teams. They understand the problems that laying new flooring can cause your working day. They are experienced in moving office furniture and will work at times that cause the least disruption to you and your customers – even the middle of the night if necessary! When required, we use hydraulic lifting equipment to move your furniture.