SB Flooring Supplies

Domestic and Commercial Flooring supplied by all the leading manufacturers. The company is based in Northampton but I frequently undertake work in the Midlands or London.

I supply all types of underlay, thresholds, grippers and adhesives. There are thousands of samples available to choose from in your own home or business.

I will call to your home or business when it's convenient for you - either during the day or in the evening.

The fitting service again is geared to suit you, either done through the week or on a Saturday. That's the convenience of selecting a company like mine, SB Flooring Supplies Ltd.

There are different types of wood to choose from, each offering different durability. Hardwoods are strongly recommended for floors in rooms that are used very frequently. Softwoods, althought cheaper, are less durable than hardwoods.

Wood flooring in Northampton can be custom-designed to suit any size room and lifestyle.