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Our clients are the very people like yourself from private households, landlords, offices, schools and shops etc to just mention a few.

Our sales team will turn up to your door with samples to fulfil your flooring requirements. You can choose your new flooring from the surroundings of your own home at your convenience; in evenings or weekends. Alternatively, please call us for an appointment to see our team at our showroom. All work undertaken by Right Floors Ltd is fully guaranteed and we look forward to your custom.

The choice between hardwood floors and laminate flooring is a common dilemma facing many home-owners. While the two are superficially similar in appearance they do have distinctly different properties. The biggest difference is, of course, that of cost. This is why many people who love the look of timber flooring but can’t afford it, choose laminate. In addition, laminate is far easier to clean and maintain in a good condition than hardwood. However, there are also many reasons why many people would prefer hardwood flooring, even at the additional expense. Here is a summary of the benefits of each.