PKF Flooring

We can offer you the perfect flooring solution to enjoy the natural beauty of real wood in areas of your home deemed not suitable for solid wood flooring. Flooring from the engineered collection comprises a 10 mm multi layer birch plywood back with a 4 mm real wood veneer. These multi-layers of wood are bonded in a cross ply construction which ensures that engineered floors from Supplier are more dimensionally stable and are less affected by changes in moisture and temperature compared to a solid wood floor.

Available in numerous colour and surface design patterns, floorboard types and floor strengths; the enables the customer to combine and design your own individual look. Our products are hardwearing and can change the look and design of your home's interior and your personal lifestyle.

You can feel confident that this flooring will last for years, thanks to the scuff and scratch resistance properties in your floor. Amtico floors are extremely hardwearing making them ideal for all areas of your home including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas. But even this tough surface can be scratched and marked by sharp grit or other objects. Basic precautions will help keep your floor looking good.