Pegasus Furnishings

Pegasus Furnishing can supply engineered wooden floors and solid wood flooring. Engineered flooring is constructed from several wood plies that are glued together with a hardwood layer placed on top, giving it a solid wood floor appearance. This top layer can be made from many different kinds of wood including traditional Oak hardwood, maple, ash and even exotic wood. Engineered wood flooring was designed to help combat the problems of growing, or shrinking, of wooden floors as a result of changes in humidity.

Laminate floors are beautiful, warm and are available in many colours and textures. A Laminate floor is available in both planks and tiles, creating different wood laminate flooring effects, ceramic and natural looking tiles too. Because they are easy to clean it makes laminate a low maintenance floor. For commercial laminate, Quick-Step floors undergo a unique, permanent, antistatic treatment which makes it suitable for offices and retail shops too.