Martin Kingdon

I started my business in 1998, and work mostly with traditional solid hardwood flooring. All work is carried out by myself and my small team of craftsmen. Between us we have more than 30 years of experience of working with wood flooring.

We renovate existing floors, sanding back and re-finishing, including pine floorboards, and also sympathetically restore old floors, producing custom-made parquetry panels, for example. We can provide a range of special finishes including staining (colour matching where necessary), aging / distressing, and bleaching / whitening treatments. We can also repair and replace damaged floors, including insurance claims for water or fire damage, etc.

We handle any size of job, from individual rooms up to churches, hotels and restaurants, schools (including painting sports lines). We use modern professional equipment, which is virtually dust-free, and offer a choice of finishes, from waxes and oils to floor lacquers, and from full gloss to matt surfaces.