LBT Flooring

Whenever you consider using a company to carry out work it is always good to have an idea about that company. Knowing a company’s history can give you insight into how experienced they are, it can also give you an idea how they operate from that history. We believe transparency is the best practice for business and by giving you a detailed history you can fully evaluate whether we meet your needs. As a company which has operated for 66 years in the flooring industry we believe we have a solid background both, commercial and domestic materials. This provides us with the knowledge to undertake nearly every available floor covering on the market and you the confidence to use us as your preferred flooring company.

Many people ask the obvious question ‘why were you called Lancashire Flooring‘ . The answer to that question we have to go back to 1949 when the company was created by its founder R.S.B. Lancashire, using the family name of Lancashire as the company name. In the past when people used the likes of the yellow pages, being named after a founder wasn’t a big issue, even though the family name is the same as the north eastern county Lancashire in England. However as technology has developed along with the digital marketplace, search engines now cover nationally and our name has started to create confusion for potential new clientele as well as existing clients.