Hardwood Floors Scotland

Hardwood Floors Scotland @ Click do not aspire to 'punt' wood on the internet as most of what we sell we install, and for that we need to see our customers 'face to face' and visit their home or business. Like fitting a brand-new expensive wheel to a luxury car - if the fitter cannot tighten the nuts properly then the wheels fall off! So for us at least, our professional advice, not including our premium installation practices, is the primary basis of our customer care package.

We take pride in maintaining our standards even through the past 5 years of budget squeeze. This squeeze has given Far Eastern manufacturers the opportunity to push floors as cheap as Britain is prepared to pay, but with hardwood, solid or engineered flooring you get precisely what you pay for.

We have always been able to pick up our phones with no fear of complaint, after one day or after ten years. We want you to be happy with your new flooring so we always offer high-quality products, expert fitting and are always clear on what the finished product will look like in your home.