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Established in 2011, Glasgow Flooring Services has made a name for itself in and around Glasgow as consummate and cultivated flooring specialists. Over time, we have built up a large repeat-client base in commercial flooring, industrial flooring and residential flooring services. This has allowed us to further bolster the quality of our work and our trust with our customers, something we think is very important here at Glasgow Flooring Services.

We are, and always have been, a family run business. We intend to keep it this way as this means we can give all of our valued customers a much more personal service as their trusted flooring contractor. When you hire Glasgow Flooring Services, you are getting a genuine Glasgow family business you can rely on for flooring services. Our enthusiastic and skilled team of floor specialists always provide the highest possible quality of workmanship in every job. They all possess years of experience in the field and are all completely qualified to handle all kinds of flooring needs, be it commercial or industrial.

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Contract Safety Flooring

Contract Safety Flooring

Contract safety flooring is used in many different types of settings including domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Some examples would be in swimming pools, fitness facilities, offices, public sitting areas, nurseries, shops, warehouses, hospitals and schools. Contract safety flooring provides a multitude of different benefits, all of which make for a safer environment for everyone.

The main way in which contract safety flooring prevents accident and injury is from preventing slips and falls. Some of our contract safety flooring is made specifically to significantly decrease the likelihood of slipping, even when the floor is completely wet. In this way you can be sure everyone in the area is much less prone to accidents, which is especially important in places containing children, the elderly or disabled people.

Karndean Flooring

Karndean Flooring

We are qualified flooring specialists in the use of Karndean Brand Flooring, which is great news for customers and potential clients. Karndean brand flooring is used by flooring contractors around the world as it provides sturdy, aesthetically-pleasing and cost-effective flooring. We whole-heartedly recommend Karndean brand flooring as it looks great in almost any setting, be it used in commercial flooring, industrial flooring or residential flooring.

Dave McInally
25 Feb, 2016

Glasgow, Scotland

Hired GFS to fix a leak in our wet-room en-suite due to their claim of being wet room specialists. Their first attempt didn't work, neither did their second despite paying them in excess of a grand. Their workmanship was terrible. Tiles were loose, misaligned and badly cut. When we eventually got our en-suite fixed it was discovered that they had used kitchen roll to cover gaps that they had left in the flooring where they had installed the drip tray. This is not to mention that they were constantly late and vanished for hours. If you're thinking of hiring them, don't!

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4, 56 John Knox St

Glasgow, G4 0UU
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