Floor Direct

Floor Direct is an independent local company who operate in Islington North West London, gaining an enviable and ever increasing reputation for the personal and professional service we offer to our many customers.

In our store you will find flooring that suits all styles and budgets to transform your home at your convenience. Our shop provides a wide range of samples to choose from and our passionate committed staff will ensure you get maximum cost efficiency and minimum wastage. Our policy is to let our customers browse the thousands of carpets we have on display at their own pace and to decide for themselves if they are to make a purchase, again our staff our passionate and committed.

Engineered wood, feature a coating of natural wood with a base Layer of Plywood. Can be sanded many times, ensuring your floor will always look fresh and new as well as giving the option of changing the finish and colors of the stain. Wood is a natural insulator, helping to keep heat in when it is cold and the house cool when it is hot. Solid wood is also a fibrous material and it absorbs sound. A good quality solid hardwood floor will increase the value of your property and enrich any interior.