Factory Direct Flooring

The need for Factory Direct Flooring arose from the countless customer tales of bad floor shopping experiences. Although there were some good stories, the founders realised that there was a gap in the market into which they could create the best UK based source for wood flooring products. The goal of Factory Direct Flooring was to offer as large a selection of quality wood flooring products as possible without compromising on the outstanding quality or the cost to the customer. As such, they wanted to offer a business that combined low prices with outstanding customer service and excellent availability.

The fact that Factory Direct Flooring is an online business helps to ensure that the overhead costs remain as low as possible and thus enabling them to pass the savings back to the customer by keeping wood flooring prices extremely low.

The primary wood flooring showroom is virtual and not physical, thus meaning that Factory Direct Flooring has unlimited inventory space so consumers can take their time to browse the catalogue from the comfort of their own homes. They can see the products by different manufacturers and in different styles as and when they choose, thus reducing their own costs because they do not have to travel to showrooms or deal with sales people that push too hard on account of their commission levels.