Euroneed UK Flooring

We are suppliers and installers of high quality flooring products. We stock quality underlays and accessories to get the perfect finish to your floor we can also offer bespoke finishes on certain types of flooring. Our fitting is carried out by trained flooring installers with years of experience. Our fitting comes with a 1 year guarantee and all work is carried out in line with the manufacturer's instructions and industry standards.

As the name suggests flooring is cut from solid timber, the product is usually beveled then either lacquered, oiled of left unfinished. Solid flooring has been used for 100's of years and continues to be a popular choice. Careful consideration does have to be given to on site conditions to ensure the product is suitable.

Engineered flooring is made up of different layers including a top veneer of your wood of choice. The main advantages of this construction is the flooring is more stable, it can go over a variety of substrates and offers quicker and easier installation.

Laminate is a completely man made product designed to replicate either timber or tiled floors. Laminate offers a good cost saving is quicker and easier to install than timber floors and offers excellent scratch and wear resistant.