Essential Flooring

There are lots of reasons to love wood floors. Not only is wood beautiful, but it’s also soft and warm underfoot, easy to clean, hypoallergenic and one of the most durable floors you can have in your home. Not only are they attractive but they are a good investment too. A solid wood floor will last for more than a century, and the finish can be refreshed whenever it wears thin. Our extensive collection of solid wood flooring is designed to suit any budget. So preferred are wood floors, that just having them increases the value of a home.

Engineered wood flooring has been one of the great innovations in flooring to hit the market. Engineered hardwood is only partly made from solid wood. It consists of several layers of ply with only the top layer being hardwood. Wooden flooring takes in moisture that it in the atmosphere. When this happens it grows (mainly in summertime when it is hot and humid). On the other hand it can shrink creating gaps when the moisture in the wood evaporates (mainly in winter where it is cold and the atmospheric moisture content is minimal).