Carpets Of Lytham

The Carpets of Lytham free fitting service is genuine and applies whatever your order, even if you don’t buy underlay from them. “Some of our competitors offer free fitting only when you buy the underlay from them at a vastly inflated price,” explains Martin. They also charge £7 per yard and with an additional cost for gripper rods.”

Carpets of Lytham in Preston Road, sell underlay at just £1.99, unbelievably the same price as 25 years ago, with no charge for gripper rods. “I’m astounded at how some of these carpet retailers can justify their prices and get away with it,” adds Martin. At Carpets of Lytham, there are no sub-contractors. Martin employs his own fitters which enables the company to offer that all-important, more personal service to customers.

During the current climate it’s especially important to ensure customers are completely happy and this is exactly what Martin and his friendly team of experts aim to do.Nothing is too much trouble for them and the carpet will be fitted cleanly, efficiently and quickly with as little disruption as possible. Hard to believe, but some stock is on offer at the same price as 20 years ago, so clearly it makes sense to pay them a visit.