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Most wooden floors can be renovated even if they have been subject to years of wear or neglect. Many people are not aware of this fact, if an original feature of your property, once resanded and sealed, will not only add value to your home but are also easy to clean and will mature and look better with age. Real wood floors are also beneficial to asthma sufferers due to the lower dust retention.

Firstly we would carry out necessary repairs on your wooden floor, the floor is then sanded to remove any scratches. Any holes, dints or cracks can be filled prior to the final sanding process. All our sanding machines are fitted with large dust bags which will collect up to 95% of dust particles.

After sanding we apply three coats of hard wearing durable floor sealant to protect your wooden floor. On completion of the sealing process we do not advise for any furniture to be placed upon the floor for a minimum of 12 hours after the application of the final coat. We use a water based sealant and curing time of the sealant is important to achieve the best results possible.

With good maintenance your wooden floor will remain attractive and give many years of use. Following completion of a job we are happy to provide guidance for ongoing maintenance, enabling our clients to keep there floors looking good for longer.

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37 Newton Park Road

Wirral, CH48 9XE
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