Benott Wood Floors

All wooden floors produced by Benott are treated by hand using traditional techniques and the craft skills of our craftsmen. The main wood species we offer are European Oak, Douglas Fir, Ash, Elm and American Black Walnut, which come from sustainable resources. As a specialist wood flooring company Benott is highly sought after by interior designers, architects and globally-renowned clients. We continuously seek out new flooring solutions to create truly extraordinary flooring experiences for our customers.

Engineered wood flooring is real wood as well but instead of being produced from one single piece of timber like solid floors engineered floors consist of a core and a real wood wear layer. Engineered boards usually consist of 3 to 12 thin layers of wood, called plies. The core is usually hardwood or plywood (or both). The core layers are assembled in a cross-ply construction, they are stocked on top of each other with each layer or grain of the wood facing perpendicular to each other. These layers are glued and pressed to each other with huge force creating a firm and very durable substrate.