Wood is a hygroscopic material. This means it is constantly exchanging water vapour with the air in a room, absorbing moisture when relative humidity is high and giving it off when relative humidity is low. Therefore, it is advisable to install wood flooring after it has been conditioned to the average equilibrium moisture content it will see in service. For this reason your solid or engineered flooring will be delivered to your home 7-14 days prior to installation to help it acclimatise.

Beeswax offer a complete sanding and finishing service, and have the tools and expertise required to produce first class results. Many floors that are laid are pre-finished in either oil or lacquer. For those floors that are laid with new timber or need re-furbishment due to age associated wear, then sanding and re-sealing will be required.

There are a number of specialised tools, belt sander, edge sander, buffer etc to produce a first class finish. Using these tools correctly and following the correct sanding technique, the final finish can be achieved prior to sealing. It is important to ensure that during the sanding and sealing process the highest standards of cleanliness are rigorously maintained.