AKL Floor Sanding

Using our industrial sanders we take your floor right down to the bare wood. It is incredible how much grime, and dirt is accumulated over the years and this step strips away those years of damage bringing back the natural wood finish. We use only the best Hummel Floor Sanding machines that are 98% dust free! Even though we take every precaution to keep dust to a minimum we will usually ask you to leave the premises while we carry out our work. We do take every precaution possible to keep the dust down but it’s more of an extra safe guard for you.

Floor Finishing is key to your project. At this stage we look at the wood in more detail, find any cracked, broken floor boards and repair them. During this repair every care is made to match the repairs to the existing floor. If new wood has to be used then we match and stain the new wood giving everything a uniform feel. Floor finishing is a bit of an art as we go through the boards, matching the finish of the wood as accurately as we can giving a beautiful, matched feel.